10 ways to know that your brand needs a refresh!

Alex Keyworth-Wright

We’ve all been there, you look up from your emails and it seems like 20 years have gone by! How did that happen? You’ve been busy building a successful company. The problem is that your brand was funky, hip and fresh in the late 90s but now; not so much. Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you how you need to be thinking about your brand evolution in 2019. Just choose one of the options on each question and the clever TBT Marketing Bot™ will give you an answer by clicking the 'What's My Brand Status?' button at the bottom.

Q1: Are you talking internationally? (58% of small businesses already have international clients and 72% plan to grow their international customer base this year!)

Q2: Does your logo represent you? (Brand evolution means constant change but sometimes the hardest thing to change is your logo. It might be what customers recognise, but is it sending the right message?)

Q3: Do you need to expand the target market? (Reaching a saturation point? It might be that you’ve always been working with baby boomers but now you want to attract the millennials? Or maybe you’ve realised your only attracting males? Is it time to look at the market place and find your audience again?)

Q4: Is your current brand too complicated? (Did you know that FedEx’s Fred Smith’s criteria was: “You should be able to be standing on the 40th floor of a building in NYC and spot a FedEx truck many blocks away.” Keep it simple, you want your brand to be instantly recognisable.)

Q5: Has your reputation ever been damaged? (Sometimes getting hit with a bad rep can have nothing to do with anything you’ve done, but you’ve still got to change it. Take a look at the way McDonald’s have rebranded – fresher, cleaner, almost organic…)

Q6: Does your brand and messaging fit together correctly? (Sometimes, you can have the name and the logo down perfectly, but no one uses the same font, you’ve no idea what your brand colours are, and no one knows that there’s a tag line!)

Q7: Is your image out of date? (Does anyone know what a floppy disk is? What about a Betamax player? If these or other outdated forms of tech are featured in your brand, it might be time for a change.)

Q8: Have you recently merged with another company? (When two companies merge, it can be a beautiful thing. But, sometimes combining those brands can be really difficult and awkward to achieve. Is it better to come up with a whole new look?)

Q9: Are you happy to tell people where you work? (This can be a big one for marketers – are you excited to show off your company’s website and social media pages? Do you regularly share content with your followers from your company? If the answer isn’t yes, you may need to rebrand.)

Q10: Is your content clear? (Does your content reflect exactly what you offer? Does it give your audience great value and keep them coming back for more?)

Your Brand Status

Your brand is spot on! Everything you do is exactly on trend and everyone knows exactly what your brand is trying to say about your business. Just remember, there’s no shame in asking for a little help sometimes and everyone’s brand could use a pick me up at some point.

You’re most of the way there. Sometimes you just need a helping hand to ensure you’re going in the right direction. It’s always wise to keep on top of what your company is doing and a full brand audit is a healthy way to do that, especially if your services are expanding.

Your brand is being seriously damaged. If your brand is this bad, or even close to this bad, it’s time for a serious brand identity overhaul. Start with what you have, work out where you want to be, start talking to the right people – and do it fast!

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