A Virtual Start — the New Normal

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Hi, I’m Steph and as a virtual new starter here at TBT Marketing, I thought I would share my journey to get here and how starting remotely has been for me in the new normal.

What it’s like starting a new job remotely during the pandemic

Starting a new job normally comes with a mixture of feelings and can be an exciting and anxious experience for many; a new role, new technology to get to grips with, new colleagues, new office. Searching for and starting a new job during the Covid-19 pandemic, and particularly during lockdown, is an experience had by many this year, and has its’ own challenges. 

With 60% of the UK population currently working from home and 26% of these planning to continue to work remotely, it can be a difficult time to find the right culture for you to join.

I found myself, like many others, in the challenging situation of completing my dissertation and final university modules at the kitchen table, whilst attempting to teach my children, not the best scenario. The air of excitement about finishing my degree and starting my career had suddenly changed. And so, the job search began. New networks had to be made due to my relocation from Cornwall to Wiltshire, hundreds of job descriptions read, LinkedIn connections made, company research and hours of trawling for employee reviews. 

Companies are still hiring and businesses in the online sector could even benefit

Despite the enormous amount of disruption caused by the pandemic and negative news about the job market, there were still lots of employers hiring. With a huge shift in the way that businesses operate, the world seems to have settled into working from home. The ability to be able to widen the job search due to the flexibility of remote working seemed appealing and has certainly been taken up by many job hunters nationwide. However, I wanted to keep my search within a commutable distance in the hope that office life would return to normal’ eventually. 

Remote working reduces commuting emissions

TBT’s Future Focused approach first attracted me to them. The chance to be part of a company offering a wide range of marketing services and solutions for both international and local clients, all whilst being actively committed to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, ticked many boxes for me. Fast forward through a few emails, telephone calls and video interviews and here I am. 

There are some drawbacks of starting remotely

Starting remotely was certainly a strange experience and it was odd joining the team without the normal introduction to a friendly office and face to face interaction. I was apprehensive about trying to get to know colleagues. What would normally be a quick conversation or a question in passing, turns into a scheduled online meeting, all planned and intentional. But TBT Marketing have managed to implement successful communication tools and more time has been given to allow those informal conversations with team members.

With 23 of remote UK employees saying they are more productive working from home, how have TBT Marketing maintained their creative and collaborative culture?

Even with the challenges that remote working has brought, new internal friendships have developed, new external relationships with partners and stakeholders have arisen, new contracts have been made and a sense of we are in this together’ is apparent, with processes to support, encourage and develop all. The TBTers have welcomed me well and the remote office is still an enjoyable and collaborative place to be, all be it with the reliance on tech, virtual desktops and video calling.

You’re on mute!

My advice to remote starters, Communication, try and talk to and meet the other staff, even those in the wider organisation. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. The world of work may well have changed but our human connectivity does not need to suffer.

We're always on the lookout for great talent so if you're interested in working at TBT Marketing, please get in touch today. Send us your CV or your portfolio.

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