Did you know? 15 billion trees are lost to deforestation every year!* 

Which is the equivalent of every person on the planet having 3,000 rolls of toilet paper each! 

Today scientists and engineers are exploring ways in which technology can be used to capture the significant amounts of carbon we, as a society, produce each year. But that ​“technology” already exists in Nature.

Trees are Nature’s carbon capture technology.

Trees capture and remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it deep underground, providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, providing natural flood management, enhancing biodiversity, and supporting wildlife.

Trees are a superpower in the battle against climate change! 

At TBT Marketing, our Future Focused approach underpins all we do. So, as part of our company mission to be carbon neutral by 2025, we also look at ways to get involved in sustainable projects in our community. Projects and charities like Avon Needs Trees. The charity was set up to protect and restore our natural environment by purchasing land to plant native trees and rewild areas, creating new, permanent woodland throughout the Bristol-Avon catchment area.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we funded 20 orchard trees for planting way back in 2020. And after a few false starts due to Covid lockdowns, a crisp, sunny February morning was finally the time for us to ​“walk the talk” and get planting some trees…thankfully, the anniversary trees had already been planted! 

Our host and tree guru for the day was Gavin Spittlehouse, who has already planted 15 acres of native woodland a few miles from his home in central Bristol, so was well placed to lead us. First up were several fruit trees for the Orchard, these trees needed to be protected with wooden stakes and wrap around wire fencing, as the local deer population are keen nibblers of the young trees, restricting their growth. Planting these trees involved significantly more elbow grease than we first thought, but we rose to the challenge. 

Then on to the mighty oaks, well all 30 cm of them! These young oaks came from ANT’s nursery of 2,500 young trees on site that all need to be in the ground before mid-April. We only made a small dent in that number, but every little helps, right? 


It was really refreshing to meet TBT Marketing colleagues face to face all together in one place, in a safe outdoor environment. We all very much enjoyed the screen free day, and all took away lots of new knowledge about the superpower of trees. We’ll certainly be back to plant some more!

Get involved…

If you’d like to get involved by either volunteering or donating to Avon Needs Trees, I’ve put links below. It’s an excellent way to help and get involved in the community that really will make a difference.