GBBO: how brands are capitalising on trends to market their own goods

Maeve Taylor

GBBO... It’s such a well-known program, most would know the show even when its title is abbreviated. 

As a must-watch trend, the hype it cooks up is immense. Not only do we, as viewers, jump on the bandwagon but brands find a way to get in the mix too. 

So, what is it called when a brand gets involved I hear you ask?

Newsjacking. It’s a simple strategy. The term, coined by David Meerman Scott is, 'the process by which you inject your ideas or angles into breaking news, real-time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business’.

Brands use real-time opportunities to engage with, and market to their audiences. It allows the brand to become more personable, more interactive and more attractive. 

For example, when their audience is using social media, they are already engaged. The brand doesn’t have to fight to grab their attention for a few moments, they are already invested in the topic being talked about. The other benefit is that if they are already on social media, this means they have the time to interact with your company – whether that's to connect consciously or sub-consciously.

Newsjacking works for brands because they don’t have to do the leg-work. The hype has already been created. The buzz is there. They just jump in with engaging and clever content. It’s the perfect and most simple strategy! So how is it best implemented?

GBBO Case: John Adams Toys

This brand took advantage of a situation. They used the board game showstopper challenge in Week 2 to promote their own board game deals – Othello. As mentioned, this is situational. GBBO-related tweeting would not work for this brand every week. There is a time and a place. 

Best practice for you
Be relatable. What you don’t want are people questioning, ‘How is this relevant?’. Make sure you plan your whole strategy, right down to tweets, to ensure you're staying relevant! Silence is better than negativity from your audience.

GBBO Case: RyanAir

Some brands have to try harder to link their company to a trending topic. Check out RyanAir’s tweet on ‘Bake Off or Take Off’. We’re not sure they would be Prue and Paul's star baker with this one but they make it work. They make such an imaginative leap between their brand and the topic, that the playful twist ensures it works.

Best practice for you
Be valuable. Yes, you’ve decided to tweet. But was it another in a long line of tweets, all discussing the same topic? Be imaginative, be valuable to the reader. Think outside of the box!

GBBO Case: Curo Housing Association

Curo tried to make the same imaginative leap RyanAir made; however, without the playful tact, it seems this one failed to score big. Curo (a housing association company) tweeted about their kitchens in their homes if, after bake-off, you felt inspired. This link is rather tenuous as you wouldn’t necessarily match these two together – their social media strategy has a bit of a soggy bottom! 
Best practice for you
Be appropriate. You’ve decided this is a good opportunity for you to reach out and engage with your audience. Think about what you’re saying – consider how you’re linking the trend to your business. 
Organisation is key. Planning is important to help you make the most out of this strategy. Put a note of upcoming events in your diary. It doesn’t mean you can’t send the odd off-the-cuff tweet but it helps to plan the majority!

Here at TBT Marketing, we love innovative ways to market to your audience. Newsjacking is just one of many disruptive marketing tactics to try out. It's time to add this ingredient into your marketing plan to make it a showstopper! Want to know more? Drop us a line at [email protected] or reach us on 01373 469270 and we can help you with your next big campaign idea.

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