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7 Marketing Trends that haven't come true in 2017

Alex Keyworth-Wright


on 29 June 2017

5-minute read

Social media in January is awash with people, marketers, companies and influencers shouting about the top trends for the coming year. But do we ever really look back and find out if any came true? We’re halfway through the year so we had a look and found 7 trends which haven't appeared yet in 2017!

  1. VR/AR 
    Every year, someone says this is the year of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Granted CES17 (arguably the biggest tech conference of the year) and MWC17 (Mobile World Conference) were awash with new apps and software that are starting to make VR and AR seem more real. Are we seeing people use it in their everyday lives? We don’t think so. This doesn't look the year that VR and AR go mainstream – try again next year!
  2. Live Video 
    Now this one could just be because I live under a rock but I’m not seeing more brands leveraging live video. The Instagram stars of this world are starting to get into the swing of this (Joe Wicks being a prime example) but the big boys haven’t got on board yet – too afraid of making a mistake? We think it’s time to start taking advantage of this; it’s the perfect opportunity for brands to appear more human to their fans and show that they’re real people!
  3. Dark Social 
    For those that don’t know, Dark Social is the act of sharing links and videos in places they can’t be tracked e.g. via text message and email. The rise of Dark Social has been a sneaky one. Are users sharing your content behind your back? Technically, it’s not that this trend isn't happening, it’s just that nobody knows yet how successful it could be as a marketing channel. 
    This one’s been tipped as the next big social media platform but so far it doesn’t seem to have taken off. Similar to ‘Smule’ the Karaoke app, this enables you to sing along or lip-sync along and create your own music videos. It hasn’t changed the world of social yet but we’ll be keeping an eye on it.
  5. Snapchat to acquire GoPro 
    This one is very specific but we can see the logic behind it. Snapchat decided to rebrand to ‘Snap, Inc.’ and release ‘Spectacles’ (to mixed reviews) because it wanted to show the world that it wasn’t just a social platform. We’re not sure they’ve quite achieved that goal yet and Instagram is close on their heels…maybe they should consider buying GoPro?
  6. Twitter will sell 
    Not so far! We're never quite sure what Twitter is going to do next, but with 500 million tweets per day and 328 million monthly active users, we don’t think they’re going anywhere just yet.
  7. Blogging gets social 
    This one is coming but it hasn’t hit yet. Thought leadership articles are growing more and more popular on social media and spaces like Medium will be coming in to the foreground, we’re not sure it’ll happen this year though – more likely next year!
There are lots of predictions for 2017. Some have come true, including Instagram and Snapchat continuing to go head to head, and social media platforms forcing us to spend more money on advertising ($31 billion in 2016, likely to exceed $35 billion in 2017). However, we don't think that the above 7 predictions have come true yet; we’ll check back in December! 

Alex Keyworth-Wright

Alex joined TBT Marketing in December 2016 (just in time for our legendary Christmas party!) as one of our awesome Account Managers. She has a special love for all things Social Media and likes to turn her hand to a bit of design work whenever she gets the chance! When not working, or keeping fingers busy scrolling through Instagram, Alex spends her time trying out new recipes and forcing her family to eat them!