Make your webinar STAND OUT when all others are being DROWNED OUT

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We all witnessed it last year; webinars, virtual events, meetings, meetups, Teams chats, call them what you like, our diaries were and continue to be full of invites to a wide array of platforms, subject matter, and agendas promising this webinar is different from the rest, yeah?

Did you know between 20 and 40% of webinar attendees become qualified leads.

We have also seen a plethora of hints and tips from, a) webinars shouldn’t be longer than 12 minutes, b) morning webinars on a Wednesday are most effective, through to c) trying to convince us we need to send physical packs to attendees to maintain their attention span for at least 11 of those 12 pre-lunchtime mid-week minutes.

The stats for 2020 speak for themselves, with some platforms reporting growth of +330% in use of their webinar platform since the word Covid-19 hit our vocabulary — so with this many businesses vying for their customers’ attention, how can we cut through the noise and ensure their messages stands out from the crowd?

Yes, the standard hints and tips can help, but we shouldn’t forget good old marketing and campaign basics to make their mark. At TBT Marketing we were recently challenged to take over an existing webinar series and free up our client from executional administration, improve quality of communications, grow registration numbers, increase attendance numbers and improve participant engagement. It was by going back to basics that allowed us to make a positive difference.

The TBT Marketing approach

So how did we approach this in an increasingly competitive virtual event landscape?

1. Driving improvement and growth

Following a full review of the existing set up, process and statistics, we provided a range of recommendations for improvement. These included focusing on 4 key areas: Registrations, Email communications, Attendee engagement and Social activity.

Often, going back to basics and reviewing the current approach can allow you to identify inefficiencies, outdated practices and areas for improvement and change.

2. Implementing change

Next we set about implementing change across existing elements as well as adding new elements to the virtual event delegate experience, from start to finish. This included; Taking ownership and management of the chosen virtual platform, improved branding, clear schedule of webinar series topics and themes, appealing yet clear communications across email and social, in-webinar rewards for input and engagement, post-event surveys, clear and concise stats and reporting, and critically, the use of video as part of the content to drive awareness and interest.

3. Utilising Video

Video was used for the first time in the series to allow greater depth and breadth to content as well as allowing key executive attendance and input. This allowed for greater diversity of content, adding to the appeal of the webinars. Videos recorded as if live” were recorded with key personnel and fed into the start of each webinar, for a seamless delegate experience.

Additional social edits” and a fun blooper” video were created and used by to drive greater awareness and additional registrations. The blooper video was a real hit and a focus for much laughter. .

4. Content is King (when is it ever not?)

Yes, the age-old adage still rings true – it is vital that the content is compelling, concise, insightful and is tailored to the target audience / audience profiles. It is equally important that the content is delivered in an interesting and engaging way. 

Delivery to camera/​web cam is easier said than done and while some people are comfortable doing this, many cannot naturally deliver content, especially live and on screen. Fear not, we have produced a useful fact sheet of hints and tips for delivering content well, including ideas for positioning your camera, lighting, microphone use and setting the background scenery — all with the aim of maximising your chances of delivering a clear message to an engaged audience.

If this is still unsuitable, or presenter availability is a challenge, why not pre-record remotely and have it stitched together and played as if live’? This will provide the chance to edit and polish, plus allow the use of graphics, ensuring a quality end product.

It’s the results that matter, right?

Regardless of our ideas, approach, and hard work, the proof’s in the pudding. So anecdotally the client was delighted with being relieved of the administration that came with running a weekly webinar series. The real difference was made was in the attendee statistics*, which speak for themselves:

Registrations up 163%
Attendance up 205%
Attendance vs registrations (as a %) 86%

We’ve also seen a noticeable growth in delegate participation across the series and feedback has been very positive.

*based on stats after 6‑months of TBT Marketing involvement

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