Modern dating to find the perfect cloud service provider for you

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Is it time to put yourself out there and look for someone new to fill the void? Get someone who fulfils your needs and enables you to deliver a better service and all-in-all makes your life, and your customer’s lives, a lot more secure and happy! The process of finding a new cloud service provider can be a mammoth task but we’ve worked out that all you need to do is apply modern dating methods to your process and pretty soon you’ll find the right chemistry!

Let’s begin with your preparation

Nervous? We understand that it’s a big step and something you don’t want to rush. Make sure you feel confident with what your needs are by using some time to prepare and you’ll feel more comfortable throughout the process. As with dating, you know your preferences on your perfect match. Essentially, you will have made a pros and cons list to consider when you’re dating and that’s what we suggest you do here (albeit a bit more formally).

Making a list of the essentials that your new provider must possess and those things to avoid, will make you feel confident when you’re searching through the many, many providers available worldwide.

Here are some points to start you off…

  • Do they support my industry?
  • What cloud computing services do they provide?
  • Do they support my country?

This list will mean you know which ones to spend more time with and those who can be dismissed straight away.

Right, now that you’re prepped, it’s time to start dating…

Let’s start dating

Modern dating sees us faced with the masses, especially when you’re online dating, and the good thing about this method is you have the power. Your matches may not even know that you’re actively looking so you can begin the process at your own convenience and allocate the time you want to it.

1. Let’s go online

Ever tried online dating? If you haven’t, you’re about to! This form of modern dating allows you to process many cloud service providers in a short period of time and condense your desirable list to those who really meet your needs and are preferable to you.

There are numerous websites available offering similar services to the likes of Tinder and Bumble, who can bring providers to you! These platforms enable you to search using your desired criteria and in turn, will display those who match it. For example, Cloud28+ is a dedicated platform to accelerate cloud adoption. Their search function delivers speed dating’-like results. Many cloud service providers use the platform and outline their offerings. If you’re using the platform to find your perfect match, you can use the search element to enter your criteria.

Tools such as Cloud28+ enable you to quickly and efficiently search using your checklist. Before you realise, you’ll already have managed to whittle down lots of service providers who are based worldwide into a manageable group of matches.

Although they meet your criteria, you don’t really know whether they’re going to be right for you or whether they’re going to be able to fulfil their bio’s claims! So, let’s take it to the next level.

2. It’s time to meet

Just like with a resumé, online presentation is about highlighting all your best qualities and essentially, exaggerating what you’ve got! Dating apps offer a person the opportunity to present a person in their best light through their bio. Meeting face-to-face gives you the opportunity to work out if those who talk the talk, can also walk the walk.

Meeting face-to-face also adds that opportunity of you feeling comfortable with the customer service you will receive from the provider and extend the questions you have, past the original criteria you outlined in your list.

For further questions, you could consider…

  • Where is the data stored?
  • How secure is the data?
  • Does the provider perform regular backups?
  • Are they able to restore quickly?

If you don’t have lots of time to arrange a dedicated meeting, the great news is that there are plenty of events out there which allow you to meet cloud service providers and discuss your requirements. Whether this is at their stand or a short meeting over coffee, this allows you to meet with multiple providers in one afternoon, for example. Events such as CloudFest, are dedicated to the cloud industry and are annual events offering you a great platform to meet your perfect match.

At TBT Marketing, we love the idea of dating your way to your perfect cloud service provider. You’re able to search at your convenience and you are only faced with those providers who meet your requirements. It’s then your choice who you make a beeline for at the event itself. You know who you’re looking for and you’ve got your checklist to run through. What an efficient timesaver!

TBT was involved in the set up of Cloud28+, if you’re looking to provide a similar service to your customers, and help their journey to making excellent buying decisions, then let us help! To be in with a chance of being the perfect match’, speak to us today. Drop us a line on +44 (0)1373 469270.

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