Reignite your Lead Gen strategy

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Which lead generation strategies work today and how has lead gen changed?

Never be deceived by the apparent simplicity of lead generation.

Yes, the practice is as old as the hills, but it’s destined to continually change. After a new strategy proves effective and gets widely adopted by marketers, prospects grow resistant and the strategy must be adapted or replaced. It’s a journey nicely captured by the stages of the Gartner Hype Cycle: from innovation trigger, through the trough of disillusionment” and towards a final productivity plateau.

Lead generation isn’t simple. If it was, more than a third of lead gen marketers might rate their ROI more positively. Two-thirds of executives wouldn’t be rating their own sales pipeline management as ineffective.

So, how has lead gen evolved recently and how can you get yours back into gear?

This post highlights some of the changes – and our new e‑book, 5 ways to generate qualified leads fast”, has the practical steps you need. It’s written by marketers who generate qualified leads for the world’s biggest tech companies, and we hope you’ll find it a short yet fulfilling read.

A longer pipeline needs a longer-term strategy

One of the most important ways lead gen has changed is that it now takes longer to turn a prospect into a lead.

You can largely thank the ubiquity of content marketing for that. Prospects today prefer to:

  • Use online content like blogs, videos and solution briefs to weigh up their options
  • Learn as much as they can about products from online content before they engage the company

As a result, prospects are taking longer to reach for their phones or a company’s contact form.

Perhaps more importantly, conversion hinges more than ever on content quality and strategy. Relationships need to be started – and nurtured – with content. It’s a process, not a punt.

If your content strategy isn’t designed for this challenge, please check out our recently published practical steps to boost your Content Marketing to boost your Content Marketing efforts.

Privacy laws demand consent but drive personalisation

GDPR has been another game-changer. It quickly stamped out unsolicited, blanket DMs and emails as a lead gen strategy. 

Under GDPR, prospects must give their express consent to receiving communications. The focus has naturally shifted to content worthy of that consent.

The bonus is that consent often comes with data that can be used for personalisation – one of the most powerful tools in lead generation today.

Don’t forget the e‑book?

We’ve covered how lead gen has changed. In the e‑book, you’ll learn how you can adapt your strategy, for the long and short term, with tips on:

  • How to create great content – and get it in front of your audience
  • Achieving quick wins – with high-ROI social campaigns
  • Using next-level personalisation – with account-based marketing
  • Making events work for your business – get the right approach to running your own
  • Curating direct marketing campaigns – today, non-digital is the way to stand out

And if you’d like to talk more about lead generation, the TBT Marketing team is here for you!

If your business is struggling to find quality leads, let us help and make you Future Focused, ready for a changing world.

Get in touch today [email protected] or call +44(0)1373 469270.

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📅 11 Mar 2024
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