We have all heard the words ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The ever-evolving field you can never seem to keep up to date on. I was quite late to jump on the AI train, probably sharing the same doubts as many:  how do you use it? Is it worth using? We've gone so long without it, is it even needed? 

Understanding AI in simple terms
When creating AI systems, you are creating a system capable of performing tasks that would usually require human intelligence. This means that it can help automate and speed up those mundane tasks that are eating into your time each week. It doesn’t mean that it can complete all tasks within your job role. Need to summarise your meeting notes, brainstorm some ideas, or quickly get up to speed on a new topic? AI is your friend. 

For AI to take over or become the big scary monster some believe it to be, it would need to understand human emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. Honestly, can all humans even comprehend this? AI processes data based on patterns but lacks the comprehension to function like the human brain. Remember, AI is an enhancement, not a replacement. It helps us do more, achieve more, and reach further than we could alone. 

My interest in the unknown 
I have always found that the unknown can be both scary and exciting and with the new AI tools at my disposal, I was overwhelmed but fascinated. I didn’t know where to start but I knew I had to somewhere. A new campaign had just come into the Lenovo Team at TBT, and I wasn’t as up to scratch on some of the deeper technical areas involved in the messaging. In the past, I would spend days, sometimes weeks, trying to get up to speed on new subjects. However, I was able to use AI, in particular, ChatGPT, to provide a comprehensive overview in a matter of minutes. I could also keep asking for parts to be explained further or made simpler if I hadn’t properly understood.  

When I started to realise the benefits that AI could offer, I attended training sessions, read articles, and experimented with different AI tools. I am also jumping out of my comfort zone and attending an in-person event – ‘AI in Marketing Agencies’ to understand how other businesses are incorporating AI into their processes. If you are attending ‘The Robots are Coming’, on Thursday 11th July,  please send me a message as I would love to connect. 

I love that my interest in the unknown can drive me to explore new tools and software that have now brought considerable benefit to my work. Remember, AI is not here to replace you, it can support you to elevate your work and eliminate your stresses. 

AI Voices within TBT Marketing
Within TBT Marketing we have a dedicated AI Voices committee , and together we are beginning to shape when and how AI can be used appropriately within TBT. The AI Voices group brings together ten members from all over TBT who are passionate about AI. We meet regularly to discuss new topics, share insights on how we’re utilising AI, and explore how the wider company could benefit from it. Through these discussions, we’ve developed a comprehensive policy to guide our AI use, ensuring it supports our goals while maintaining ethical standards. You can view this on our newly launched website here. 

Our vision is to see AI seamlessly integrated across TBT Marketing, empowering our talented studio and creative account teams to do what they do best - come up with original concepts, ideas, and campaigns, and exceed expectations every time.

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