Why Your Generic Content is Repelling High-Quality Leads (and How to Fix It)

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In the third blog of our series on Dan’s Top 5 Lead Gen Tips to Help Simplify Lead Gen Complexities, we’re looking at the role content plays in unlocking value in your lead gen program.

Unlocking the Value of Content: Beyond Lead Generation

It’s nearly the end of February. You’ve just unearthed a pot of co-marketing funds to run Q1 lead gen activity which will need to be planned, executed, and nurtured in the 6 weeks left to the end of the quarter. Cold sweat sets in. Panic button pressed. Lead gen campaign about to be launched to hit target without much strategic thought about the long-term gains. Sound familiar?

There’s a trade-off here. For many of our clients, there is an urgency to get campaigns into market. And sometimes, compromises need to be made to ensure deadlines are met. Unfortunately, content is one of those elements that can’t be rushed easily. When planning lead gen campaigns, we often get asked to re-use existing marketing assets because that’s all our clients have available at short notice. But if the adage content is king’ is true then it’s not only a nice-to-have’ to customise your message and content to the needs of the campaign – it’s mission-critical. 

Let’s be clear: IT decision-makers (ITDMs) operate in a complex, data-driven environment. Faced with intricate challenges, they’re continuously seeking the best solutions – and the easiest pathways to meet their objectives. Your content, therefore, offers a critical point of entry – a chance to go beyond sales pitches and showcase genuine thought leadership.

Great content is growth oriented. All too often, organisations default to repurposing existing promotional materials or offering bland, company-centric content. This strategy misses the mark. Generic content, even when attractively packaged, offers little genuine value for your discerning audience. They want solutions, not rehashed product specs disguised as a solution brief’. 

3 ways insightful content elevates your B2B lead gen strategy

  1. Addressing Key Pain Points: Don’t merely showcase your wares – highlight the real-world business problems you solve. ITDMs seek partners who understand the pain points specific to their industry. Tailor your content to tackle those challenges decisively.
  2. Establishing Trust through Expertise: Influencing IT decision-making means demonstrating profound knowledge. Your content must offer insights into industry trends, innovative solutions, and market shifts. This positions your organisation as a thought leader, not simply a vendor.
  3. Fuelling Engagement at Every Stage: The B2B buyer’s journey is complex and nuanced. Thought-provoking content can be skilfully adapted to suit various stages. A well-placed blog post might initially generate interest, while case studies offering quantifiable results validate your offering down the line.

Harnessing the Right Content Formats

Consider venturing beyond just creating standard vendor resources such as flyers, brochures, and guides. B2B buyers want independently verified information about your solutions. With an increase in preference for 3rd party information sources such as analyst reports, it’s worth considering the extra investment required to produce really high value long-form content. 

Take it from me – the client campaigns I have seen as the most successful have often featured data-rich content supported by short-form formats such as infographics, blogs, and social posts to accompany the lead gen drive.

Creating genuinely effective content requires time and focused effort. However, view the additional investment as vital to establishing a competitive edge and, ultimately, building better lead quality and reliable pipeline.

Let’s make things easier.

At TBT Marketing, we have been partnering with leading enterprise technology brands for the last 24 years and counting. We proudly advise our clients on how to maximise their returns by running long-term integrated lead generation programs – making the most of high value content, precise customer targeting, and building brand loyalty. 

If you’re looking for a marketing partner who understands the complex challenges B2B buyers need to overcome to consider your solutions – drop us a line. We’d be happy to help.

Building the Right Mix of Suppliers

By Dan Blake

In our final blog post of the series, Top 5 Lead Gen Tips to Help Simplify Lead Gen Complexities we’re looking at the role lead gen suppliers play in helping you to secure your goals. The following is an excerpt from Dan’s original blog published October last year.

📅 11 Mar 2024
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