Cisco UCS Lead Generation

A campaign to generate qualified sales opportunities and trackable pipeline & better understand how their use of IT was changing over time.

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TBT targeted 8000 active and dormant Cisco UCS end users (phone & online survey). End users were called and asked to answer several questions to gather information on satisfaction levels and to identify new project/sales opportunities for additional Cisco products. If a customer was not contactable, a link to a dynamic survey was sent. TBT reported the lead progress weekly and talked through each lead on a client call.

What we delivered

Segmenting two customer categories – nurture (active) and reactivate (dormant). Script development, data cleansing and job title profiling

End users called – asked several questions to help identify new project/sales opportunities for additional Cisco projects

Categorisation of leads – hot/warm etc, very hot leads were reported immediately to Cisco (lead summary sheet)

Weekly reporting – of all lead progress and detail (SFDC format)

Satisfaction survey – reported monthly, including waterfall charts/satisfaction variables etc

Recommendations provided – covering messaging and engagement across end users and channel

Dynamic online survey – questions altered depending on answers

"We invited TBT to gather some customer feedback, but we actually got so much more. The whole set-up, process and approach of TBT meant they not only gathered feedback, but they also uncovered and shared clear and pursuable leads, as well as a well-structured and detailed reporting mechanism."

Brad Scyrkels

Head of EMEAR Datacenter Business Operations & Product Management, Cisco

Following the success of the campaign, TBT was asked to replicate the approach for converged infrastructure customers and hyperconverged accounts, both with similar success.



Trackable Pipeline Revenue Identified


Hot Leads


Warm Leads


Total Leads

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