HPE Gen10 HPC Demand Generation Campaign

A digital campaign to drive demand from end customers for HPE's Gen10 portfolio of servers.

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Crafting an all-encompassing strategy to drive demand from HPC end users, TBT engaged with HPC-specific media partners and internal social media platforms, with the objective of delivering 200 leads.

Supported by the design and development of an HPC-specific Gen10 campaign microsite, the campaign leveraged a variety of unique HPC assets to educate end users on the benefits of Gen10 within the HPC space.

At a glance

Target audience:

End customers, across a variety of verticals and job functions

Geographic coverage:

UK, France, Germany (US secondary)


Drive demand from HPC end customers, who have not upgraded their systems in the last 3 years or more.

Raise awareness and educate end users about the benefits of the Gen10 portfolio of servers, specific to the High Performance Computing (HPC) area.

What we delivered

216 marketing qualified leads

HPC-specific messaging on the benefits and capabilities of the Gen10 portfolio of servers

Crafted social media posts

Gen10 campaign microsite

Business white paper (gated asset for lead capture)

Series of videos

Hpe Gen 10 Img 3 Landing



Of target leads delivered


Microsite video plays


CTR from Google Ads campaign


Of user sessions driven to microsite by organic social media

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