HPE & Intel Champions Club

An internal sales incentive with the aim of incentivising top sales performers

HPE Intel Champions Club Website


An internal sales incentive running in 2H FY16 and 2H FY17 with the two-fold aim of incentivising top performers to generate incremental sales for Enterprise Group (EG) products empowered by Intel, and optimising the number of sales reps trained on HPE/Intel solutions.

At a glance

Target audience:

HPE Inside Sales Reps (ISRs)

Geographic coverage:



Drive sales of Intel based product lines (PLs)

What we delivered

Customised co-branded destination-themed website

Event collateral (posters, banner-stands, cut-outs, office decorations…)

Unique event website / web app for winners

Bi-weekly delegate email

On-site event management and logistics

HPE Intel Champions Club Poster



Of all ISRs requested to register for the campaign


YoY growth Intel PLs


Feedback Score from delegates

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