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IBM needed to create a short introductory guide, which could be used by existing and new Business Partners, to promote demand for, and sales of IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE products and solutions.

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IBM Z & LinuxONE sellers

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To create an accessible, easily digestible and engaging way to present a sellers guide to support the sales team in communicating the benefits of IBM Z and LinuxONE solutions to partners and customers.

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The complex structure of the IBM website makes it difficult to find quickly the information sellers need. IBM wanted to create a short guide and update it on a quarterly basis, so sellers could instantly get access to the most relevant and up-to-date information. The client wanted to use a format that would look great on mobile devices for best accessibility.

TBT Marketing proposed a scalable interactive E-book that would help IBM to attract and keep the client's attention and engagement with the content.

TBT suggested an interactive E-book format for presenting traditional print materials. This new format helped to drive more awareness and engagement. A unique graphic design was created for IBM Z and LinuxONE PDF guides and converted to the full E-book format.

Through this approach TBT was able to deliver a consistent message across multiple geographies, keep the audience updated with the latest news, generate sales revenues, and raise awareness of the selected products.


The E-book was created in English and translated into 9 different languages: French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

The E-book guides were recognised as a Top 10 Seller Resource

A dedicated Client facing version was created for Business Partners for sharing with their potential clients

Additional extended versions were created for the Finance, Healthcare, Government, and the Insurance sectors

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