Modernising Verne Global’s web presence for prospective buyers.

Verne Global, a trusted supplier of high performance computing (HPC) solutions, needed to refresh and redesign their website and the user experience it provided. 


Present Verne Global as an authority on, and trusted provider of, HPC as a Service.

Create a website that acts as Verne Global’s trophy lead generation tool.

Recommend and implement an open-source CMS to allow the marketing team to make site amends.

Target Audience

HPC Decision Markers Key industries: AI, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Scientific Research

Geographic Coverage


The Solution

Understanding the performance of the current website and how well it was aligned to Verne Global’s objectives and desired user journey was paramount, so TBT Marketing first worked with them on a discovery phase including reviewing historical website data, social listening and market research.

The brand identity was then refreshed, designing a sleek, minimalistic and Scandinavian inspired look and feel for the new site as well as creating an array of iconography to replace stock imagery.

A key element of the relaunch involved addressing the correlation between industry verticals and certain Verne Global solutions. This was addressed in the new site structure by providing an optimal user-led experience clearly defining the links for ease of navigation.

TBT also identified the need to leverage an intuitive CMS platform with reusable, customisable content blocks which would provide Verne Global with the flexibility and freedom to manage its website in-house with no further developer input needed, saving resource and delivering value.

Finally, the original website provided no analysis on content downloads, a key step in the customer journey. By implementing appropriate Google Analytics tracking and goals, TBT was able to address the lack of reporting through a comprehensive Google Data Studio report. Providing the missing data and a more in-depth overview of top-performing content, visitor behaviour and more.

What We Delivered

  • A sleek, minimalist, design, provided an engaging and informative user experience
  • A fully responsive website with seamless CMS integration with Mailchimp 
  • Refreshed brand guidelines with an updated Scandinavian-inspired brand identity and design language
  • An iconography pack to support the shift away from stock imagery
  • Comprehensive Google Data Studio reporting with event tracking across contact form submissions, document downloads, video plays and more
  • Full content migration with ongoing maintenance and support

Results & Outcomes

Very happy with the final website and generally the whole process was very smooth. TBT were always quick to respond and very dependable. The new CMS is excellent, very intuitive and easy to use; giving us all the functionality we need.”

Head of Marketing, Verne Global


Second Time Spent Uplift New vs. Old


Organic Content Downloads (Mar-Aug 2019)


Unique Visitors


Bounce Rate (Industry avg. ~55%)

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