BAU in the New Normal”

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Working from home has been the norm” for so many people during the current crisis. This time last year, I would never have imagined that a national lockdown would mean that, not only would I attend a virtual job interview from the comfort of my dining room, but that I would also join a new company without leaving the house! It just goes to show just how quickly we can adapt to a new way of working.

Getting to know your manager and work colleagues as well as getting up to speed with a new job and knowing who to contact when you have questions, is all part and parcel of the first days and weeks in a new company. TBT Marketing has made such an enormous effort to welcome me on board and help settle me in. I’ve had various useful and informative induction courses, as well as a team lunch, all of which have been conducted in a COVID secure environment – via Teams! Without doubt, video conferencing is the next best thing when it comes to meeting people for the first time and has proved invaluable in helping me to connect with my line manager and co-workers.

I’ve only been at TBT for a couple of weeks and have no prior experience working in the technology sector, so I have a lot to learn. I have, however, spent many years working on large scale marketing campaigns for the retail industry and regardless of what industry you work in, the basic principles of delivering projects on time and on budget always apply.

So, what are the most valuable insights that I have learned along the way?

For me, it’s all about the people. When it comes to buying and selling, it’s only ever about the people. We don’t just buy products and services; we buy into the people that sell and deliver those commodities to us. People are the most valuable resource. So, when it comes to managing projects, it’s all about teamwork and it most certainly isn’t all about me. I cannot deliver successful projects all by myself. Teamwork is essential if you want mutually beneficial and successful outcomes. Your role is to facilitate and coordinate – enjoy the responsibility.

It sounds obvious, but it is crucial to lay solid foundations at the outset. What are the key deliverables and who do I need to involve? Brainstorming and scoping out a project with teammates is always a good place to begin. Manage the expectations of all parties and stakeholders by outlining a clear critical path. Start with the end date and then work backwards. Be flexible and try not to control. Don’t assume that other parties are able to view agendas from your perspective.

Be clear on budgets, costs and timings and have these agreed by all parties prior to execution to avoid disruption, disappointment and spiraling costs.

Be prepared to adapt to change

Having a plan B

Keep the channels of communication open throughout the duration of the project and be prepared to adapt to change. No amount of preparation will guard against the dreaded curve ball”. Maintaining transparency and regular dialogue at every stage helps mitigate against any problems that may arise.

Do WHAT you say you’re going to do WHEN you say you’re going to do it

In summary, lead by example and set the standard. By adopting best practice, people respond positively. The key to success regardless of what industry you’re in, is doing WHAT you say you’re going to do WHEN you say you’re going to do it. 

…And finally, remember that you’re not infallible. Mistakes happen. It’s how you deal with them that demonstrates your integrity to your client and your colleagues.

Yes, things are a little bit different right now but, here at TBT, we're staying Future Focused in the new normal. So help strengthen your future with us and get in touch today.

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