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2022, Making Sense of the IT Landscape

By Rick Maltby

Advancing IT systems do a great job supporting businesses today but there is no denying they can appear complex to understand. Here at TBT Marketing, we make sense of the complex and in our latest blog, Rick Maltby breaks down the IT landscape for 2022

📅 20 Jan 2022
⏱ 3 mins

Quantum Computing in the Cloud: How will it be marketed?

By Christian Hall

A new era of computing in the cloud is about to take off, but despite the near limitless compute power of the quantum world, it requires a new approach to the market to become a success

📅 12 Aug 2021
⏱ 5 mins

The Transition out of the Pandemic — What now for the IT industry?

By Rick Maltby

Rick Maltby, our Lead Tech Consultant, shares valuable insight in his latest opinion piece, on what now for the IT industry as we transition out of national lockdowns and go back to normal”

📅 11 Jun 2021
⏱ 2 mins

Making Good Content for BDMs and TDMs: 6 Key Differences

By Christian Hall

Not all key IT decision makers are made equal. The messaging that different business roles will respond to has never been greater in an increasingly noisy and fragmented B2B marketing space, as Christian Hall explains.

📅 27 Apr 2021
⏱ 4 mins

Predicting the Unpredictable — 2021, a year of transition

By Rick Maltby

In January 2020, a blog by Rick Maltby, our lead technical consultant, predicted the acceleration of digital adoption, but even he couldn’t have predict the unpredictable speed and global need in which we all needed to adapt. Rick looks at how we’ve adapted and how we’ll continue to do so, embracing even more smart tech and IT.

📅 06 Apr 2021
⏱ 4 mins

Data Centres — What’s driving business demand and adoption?

By Jemma Martin

Jemma takes a closer look at our latest market research on Data Centre business adoption. The report collected responses from over 250 senior IT decision makers (ITDMs), gaining valuable insight into the factors influencing the buyer journey across midsized business in 2021.

📅 03 Feb 2021
⏱ 3 mins

A Virtual Start — the New Normal

By Steph Jasper

Everything’s a bit unusual at the minute with more and more being done virtually. And starting a new job is no different. Our latest blog is from virtual new starter Steph, who shares the experience of starting a new job in the new normal

📅 28 Jan 2021
⏱ 3 mins

Everything You Need To Know About Video Marketing In 2021.

By Simon Glenday

Video marketing isn’t the future anymore, it’s very much here and very much here to stay. If video content doesn’t form a key part of your marketing strategy and you’re wondering about how to best to integrate video into your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

📅 18 Jan 2021
⏱ 2 mins

Make your webinar STAND OUT when all others are being DROWNED OUT

By Dan Blake

We all witnessed the explosion of virtual events and webinars last year, so in 2021, how can you stand out and stay relevant to your target audience? Dan shares his take on how he’s done it and doing it for his customers…

📅 13 Jan 2021
⏱ 3 mins

BAU in the New Normal”

Liz Dike shares her experience of joining TBT at a time when it’s been anything but normal. Despite everything 2020 threw at us and Liz, she’s been a brilliant addition to the team. Read how’s she’s staying a step ahead…

📅 07 Jan 2021
⏱ 3 mins

6 Common Marketing Mistakes in Google Analytics and How to Correct Them

By Christian Hall

Data-driven marketing isn’t just a trend, it should be the only way to make informed marketing decisions in the digital-led economy. Christian Hall looks at how to extract some of the most important marketing data from your Google Analytics and how to read that data correctly.

📅 27 Nov 2020
⏱ 4 mins

Reducing your office’s carbon footprint… from home

By Matt Dawkins

Working from home? Yep, so are we. But we can still do our bit for the environment. Matt Dawkins shares some ideas on how to be green while WFH.

📅 08 Sep 2020
⏱ 6 mins