In our final blog post of the series, Top 5 Lead Gen Tips to Help Simplify Lead Gen Complexities we’re looking at the role lead gen suppliers play in helping you to secure your goals. The following is an excerpt from Dan’s original blog published October last year.

If your campaign is on a large scale and spans several brands, geographies or languages, a single supplier can’t really deliver everything. Still, some pretend to.

You might have worked with lead gen suppliers like this. They try to appear super-powered and make things super-simple for you, by saying they handle everything in-house.

But what happens when one of their suppliers lets them down? Well, your project fails. You’re in the dark about why. And you need to start again from scratch.

This is why transparency is so important for building lead-gen ROI, and the right mix of suppliers to deliver it consistently.

“It’s really important to be up-front about working with specialist suppliers,” says Dan.​“Our clients get to know our suppliers as we work together, so they can see where things are going right, where things have gone wrong. TBT Marketing suppliers work together with complementary skills to maximise campaign results.”

“That transparency helps build stronger relationships with our clients and our partners, which makes your campaigns even more effective.”

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